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From Probate to Estate Planning and everything in between, our firm would be honored to assist you and your family.  Though it is challenging to imagine handling legal matters during the especially trying times after a loved one has passed, it is an important process to settle claims and distribute property in accordance with the will, or, if there is no will, according to the intestacy laws of Florida.

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Probate And Estate Administration

Our experience and knowledge extend well beyond preparing estates and managing elder law concerns and ancillary probates. We handle the legal matters that arise once a loved one dies, helping families manage legal issues during the most difficult of times.

From our office in Orlando, Florida, we represent personal representatives, beneficiaries and other parties in probate and estate administration throughout all of Florida by utilizing our Virtual Services.  We assist out-of-state firms and counsel by performing ancillary probates for non-residents with assets in any Florida county.  

Probate Administration

Probate can be difficult and is often misunderstood, so consequently Florida law mandates that an attorney perform Probate actions in the state of Florida.  Often, misconceptions have led to a general fear of the probate process, but we are here to make it simple for you allowing you to resolve the outstanding estate issues and focus on you and your loved ones during these difficult times.  

So, what is probate? Probate is the process for distributing a decedent's assets according to a person's will or according to laws of intestate in the event that a valid will did not exist. We are equipped to handle all aspects of the process for you, informing you of your options and protecting your rights.

Estate Administration

What if a person dies without a will? This is where estate administration comes in. We can help you administer an estate according to the laws of intestate, which govern how an estate is handled in the absence of a will. This can take longer than probate and be a bit more complicated, but we will make sure you understand all your rights and responsibilities, and make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Compassionate Representation

During Your Time of Loss

Our Orlando probate and estate administration lawyers are ready for your call. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.  We look forward to discussing your options with you and your family.






Probate Administration

In Florida, when a non-resident of our state owns Florida assets such as property in his or her name and passes, those assets are generally subject to Florida probate laws and rules. Thus, the transfer of the property to heirs must be administered by a Florida Court in the county or judicial circuit where the assets are located.  Hence, a Florida probate action is required which is referred to as an Ancillary Probate Administration. 

Our firm frequently represents clients and assist their lawyers who reside outside of Florida, but have a need to commence Florida Ancillary Probate Administration in any county in Florida.  We work directly with attorneys, heirs, and courts throughout the state to make sure the assets are transferred properly and efficiently into the heirs name.


Serving Out-of-State Clients and Attorneys

Our firm frequently represents clients and assist their lawyers who reside outside of Florida, but have a need to commence Florida Ancillary Probate Administration in any county in Florida.  Our Virtual Services provide all the support necessary to effectively process and perform Ancillary Probates throughout Florida regardless of whether our clients or their attorneys are in another state or another country.  




Probating  Your Florida Timeshare

Most timeshare owners do not reside in Florida. Yet, when the timeshare owner(s) pass, the timeshare must be probated in Florida through an Ancillary Probate generally in the county where the timeshare was located. Our office will prepare the necessary documentation and file the ancillary timeshare probate for every timeshare resort in Florida. We work with firms and heirs across the United States alongside timeshare associations throughout Florida to ensure the proper transfer of the timeshare property.  Generally, a timeshare is not worth more than $50,000 which allows our firm to perform an Abbreviated Florida Ancillary Summary Administration under Florida Statute 734.1025 which is much quicker than a normal Probate Administration saving the client valuable time and resources.  Florida Statutes also allow us to take advantage of this faster administration if the non-resident timeshare owner has been deceased for two or more years.  



To Demonstrate

For instance, if a Florida timeshare owner lives in Texas and owns a timeshare in Miami, Florida and passes away, the disposition of the Miami timeshare is subject to Florida Probate laws, rules and procedures.  To transfer the timeshare into the name of the beneficiary, it must be probated in Miami-Dade County by a Florida lawyer.  

Our firm can efficiently handle all out of state non-resident ancillary probate matters for any resort in Florida throughout all of Florida's 67 counties.

Ancillary Probate
Timeshare Probate




Performing Probates for Clients and Attorneys Across the Globe!

Performing Probates, especially Ancillary and Timeshare Probates means most of our clients are nonresidents so we have broken the traditional law firm mold and designed this firm to assist out-of-state attorneys and families virtually meaning we can perform all of our services without our clients ever needing to make a personal appearance.

We have leveraged the best legal technologies and tools to convey convenient and informative experiences to our clients no matter where they are located.  


Never Personally Attend and In-Office Meeting

With our firm, out-of-state clients are no longer required to travel to Florida, miss work, or even attend laborious and expensive meetings with attorneys.

We bring our firm to you and provide turnkey probates and solutions designed to meet the needs of clients where-ever they may be. 

This doesnt mean you aren't welcome to come visit us!  We have local clients who stop in regularly for appointments and others across the glove that would rather pick up the phone, send an email, or chat via webcam.

Virtual Services





Estate Planning is a Continuous Process, Not an Event - 

-considering that tax laws, asset values, the economy, family circumstances and personal goals are always in constant flux. When we assist clients with estate planning, business succession, wealth transfer and other related matters, we make it a priority that our firm be continuously available to clients and we check in periodically to assess whether their plans should be adjusted and tailored to better suit new occurrences in the client’s life, legal, and economic environment.   

Consequently, our clients have rest with the peace of mind of knowing they’re taking precise and educated actions allowing them to realize the future they desire for themselves and their loved ones.

We Handle Estates Large and Small

We handle estate planning for all size estates to preserve and transfer wealth, to safeguard and protect businesses, real estate and other assets, and to accomplish the lifetime and testamentary goals of each and every client.   Estate planning practices and procedures alter as tax laws and personal circumstances change.  While closely observing these changes, we tailor clients’ estate plans with precision and care, always keeping their distinct and unique goals in mind while minimizing administrative costs and taxes.


It's Never Too Early to Plan for Your Family's Future

Tomorrow is not promised. If something happened to you now, would your family be secure? Would they understand how you want your property and assets distributed?  This is why it is so important to take care of estate planning now, when you are able to focus on making these important decisions about your family's future.

We provide the following estate planning services throughout Florida, whether you are a resident snowbird or live in Florida year-round.  You can step in our offices or we can assist you completely virtually. 


Powers of attorney
Special needs planning

Asset Protection
Business Succession

Planning for Medicaid

Whether you desire a straightforward plan to provide your family with guidance when you pass, or you need help structuring a multimillion-dollar estate, we are here to guide you every step of the way and, most importantly, make sure you understand the options available to you and your loved ones.  And most importantly, our initial consultation is free and we are just a phone call away.

Estate Planning
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